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The Top 4 Best non physical Gifts: Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

As the festive season twinkles on the horizon, it's time to think outside the gift box. This Christmas, give the gift of experience and knowledge—the kind of presents that don't need wrapping paper. Here's a guide to the best non-physical gifts that will bring joy, entertainment, and wisdom well beyond the holiday season.

1. Audible Subscription: A World of Stories Awaits

Gift the bibliophiles in your life an Audible subscription and grant them access to a universe of audiobooks, exclusive stories, and original podcasts. Unlike traditional books, Audible allows them to dive into new adventures while on the go—turning commutes, workouts, and chores into opportunities to be transported to another world. Every month, they can select a title to keep, with the option to pause or cancel the subscription at any time. It's the perfect present for anyone who loves stories.

Audible Subscription: A World of Stories Awaits
Audible Subscription

2. Gift Card: One Card, Millions of Options

Sometimes the best gift is the one they get to choose themselves. An Gift Card provides just that—flexibility and freedom. Presented in a pop-up box and available in various designs, this gift card can be loaded with any amount and used toward an ocean of items on Amazon. It's the ideal last-minute gift, with free one-day shipping and the option to add a personalized message.

3. After Dinner Amusements: "Do You Remember?" Game

Evoke shared memories and laughter with "After Dinner Amusements: Do You Remember?"—a conversation game filled with questions that prompt nostalgic reflection. It's a wonderful way to connect with family and friends, reminiscing about the past and creating new memories. Compact and travel-friendly, this game is a delightful stocking stuffer or token for a host.

4. Skillshare Membership: The Gift of Creativity and Learning

For the lifelong learners and creative souls, a Skillshare membership opens the door to unlimited exploration in fields such as illustration, design, photography, and more. It's a platform where curiosity meets opportunity, allowing them to discover new passions or delve deeper into existing ones. An annual subscription offers the best value, with thousands of classes to spark creativity and fuel personal growth.

Skillshare Membership: The Gift of Creativity and Learning

In a world where experiences and personal growth are valued more than ever, these gifts are not just thoughtful; they're transformative. So this Christmas, let's give our loved ones the chance to learn, explore, and indulge in their passions from the comfort of their homes or on the move.




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